Auto Insurance for all vehicles in Mexico Now Effective

Starting this January 1, all vehicles must have auto insurance when travelling to Mexico Federal Highways.

The federal law was approved back in 2013 and is now fully implemented by the authorities for its last phase.

The Federal police can ask for proof of insurance at checkpoints, traffic stops and border crossings. In addition to a fine of 2,000 to 4,000 pesos or $210, a driver without auto insurance can also expect possible jail time and legal expenses.

Liability auto insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 pesos is required for all types of vehicles navigating the federal roads and bridges. However, the US and Canadian insurance policies aren’t recognized in Mexico, so drivers from these countries must obtain temporary auto insurance.

On average, a total of 1,000 road accidents happens in Mexico daily, with an estimated 44 deaths and injuries. The insurance policies can help in different situations, more than fixing the damages of the car but also in aiding medical bills and expenses.

With traffic accidents being the second major cause of death in Mexico, the federal government is pushing through stricter policies and laws. During the first phase of the law last 2014, Mexican government required $300,000 liability limits as protection from road accidents. This amount will cover property damage, injuries and death.

Meanwhile, insurance providers support this decision to aid drivers in times of need.

Mexpro Mexico Insurance Professionals Managing Director Nate Watson said in an interview published by the Live Insurance News, “We are very supportive of this update and will continue to promote selling our cross-border policies to help all drivers to Mexico comply with this national law.”

The government still recommends $300,000 liability limits or higher to cover the indemnification per death resulting from road accidents.