Biden introduces plans to boost rural America through investments

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a broad plan on Tuesday proposing to develop rural America through investments in rural communities, infrastructure, and agriculture.

“It shouldn’t matter whether you live in a skyscraper in Manhattan or you live here in Manning. Your children deserve the exact same opportunities every other child in America is entitled to,” explained the former vice president during the unveiling of the plan in Iowa.

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Biden’s proposal includes a layout plan focusing on improving and expanding access to health care in rural communities. In the same event, the democratic presidential candidate also explained how rural hospitals can benefit through his $750 billion healthcare plan as it would strengthen the Affordable Care Act.

“Rural communities power the nation. They feed our bodies. They fuel our engines. They are the stewards who protect our lands,” he added.

Biden’s proposed plan mostly consists of rural-focused policy proposals directed into making America’s agriculture industry the first in the world to reach net-zero emission. This includes providing incentives to farmers and allowing them to take part in the carbon industry. The plan also involves bio-based manufacturing investments that are expected to create bigger job opportunities in rural America.

The democratic presidential aspirant also lashed the current administration’s ongoing trade with China. “How America’s farmers are being treated today I think is wrong. Too many are being crushed by the tariff war with China and it’s the wrong trade war to have with China. It’s not just about impacting farmers. It ripples throughout the entire economy,” he argued.

Biden also admitted he had consulted former Iowa Governor and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in developing the plan.

In an interview, Vilsack, an influential figure in the region, said he was delighted with Biden’s vision. “I think it’s a good solid plan, however, I think other candidates no doubt will come out with their plans,” he added.