Buckle Adds Insurance Coverage for Food and Delivery

US financial tech company Buckle announced on Wednesday, May 6, temporary insurance coverage for rideshare members offering food and home supplies delivery.

The company granted motor vehicle policyholders a new insurance coverage at no additional cost. Rideshare drivers engaged in delivering food, packaged goods, and household supplies are part of this new insurance coverage.

According to Buckle, they have secured an approval from the Georgia Department of Insurance to add a new insurance coverage at a time of the pandemic.

Buckle Adds Insurance Coverage

“While the demand for rideshare services has dramatically dropped off due to COVID-19, rideshare drivers have stepped up to provide essential home delivery that many are relying on while in quarantine,” said co-founder Martin Young.

Buckle said all ridesharing policyholders are fully covered in ‘whatever capacity they are driving.’ Only Buckle members who have purchased a motor vehicle insurance policy are covered for delivering for Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, Postmates, and others.

Earlier this year, Buckle unveiled the first rideshare insurance product at an affordable price. This new offer provides peace of mind for drivers who purchased the insurance from the company. The good thing about this policy is, even if the rideshare app is on or off, the coverage is still eligible.

“Buckle’s top priority is ensuring its members are fully covered in whatever capacity they are driving. We are thrilled to have secured approval from the Georgia Department of Insurance for members to now deliver goods and packages with the confidence of knowing they are covered,” said Young.

The food and delivery coverage is now in effect for all motor vehicle insurance members, whether new or renewed. Current members do not need any necessary actions to enjoy the new offer.

Buckle claims that they are studying the new insurance and is working to make it a permanent addition to its offerings.