TD Offering Personal Loans of Up to $50,000 From 6.54% APR

TD Canada customers looking for a financial solution for various needs will be glad to know that the bank is currently offering Persona Loans that allows interested clients to borrow up to $50,000. This loan can be availed for large purchases, home renovations, debt consolidation and education funding. However, customers are urged to remember that they will be expected to pay interest. Clients can choose between fixed and variable interest rates.

Those who prefer fixed rates can get an annual percentage rate between 6.54% minimum to 16.75% maximum. On the other hand, borrowers who choose to get variable rates will get a different one depending on changes in TD Prime Rate. This means that any decrease in rates will result in your payments going to the principal, allowing faster payoffs.

However, an increase in rates will result in the expansion of the amortization period. The bank reminds its customers that the minimum variable rate is 2.09% more than the current TD Prime Rate, with a maximum TD Prime Rate of 11.95%. As of December 2018, the TD Prime Rate is 3.95%.

The bank assures its customers that the fixed APR will have minimal impact on the total interest paid. Nevertheless, borrowers are advised to keep in mind that the total re-paid amount will be higher than the loan amount due to interest.

Clients who choose to get TD personal loan can apply without paying any application or origination fees. They just need to present pertinent documents as specified by the bank. To apply, current bank customers just need to log in using their Access Card or Connect ID for an easy online application. For those who do not have a login ID, booking an appointment is the bank’s recommended option.