Cherry Creek Mortgage Expands to Two More States

One of Colorado’s known firm for real estate lending is adding two more offices in the Wyoming and Montana states to support potential home buyers when it comes to financing.

The company announced last Thursday, May 2, that they are now offering financing services to residents of these two areas.

“Over the last 32 years, we’ve experienced tremendous growth, and we are proud to continue expanding throughout the United States. We look forward to supporting homebuyers in Wyoming and Montana with a personalized home financing experience that’s tailored to their unique needs,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff May.

Colorado is known to be one of America’s fastest-growing state in terms of population, with over 80,000 people in 2018 alone. Real estate in this area is a gem because there is always a demand for housing, especially for those immigrants.

For many years, what Cherry Creek Mortgage offers clients is responsible for lending and intelligent advice. The company is committed to helping clients reach their goals and invest in properties that have a lot of potentials.

The move to expand to Montana and Wyoming is a good choice because these areas are also growing in population. There are more people who will be borrowing money to buy a land or a house given that these states have decent employment opportunities.

According to Housingwire, Cherry Creek Mortgage is headquartered in Colorado but is licensed in different states including Illinois, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and more.

Meanwhile, in figures, Americans have a massive debt in real estate. Based on the data published by Magnify Money, the total mortgage debt of Americans are now $10.3 trillion. The average mortgage balance is at $148,060 while there are approximately 63% of the Owner-Occupied Housing Units are engaged in mortgages.