Fairway Wholesale Lending Funds AWI Service Dogs For Veterans

A partnership between the American Warrior Initiative (AWI), Fairway Wholesale Lending, and Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, aims to gift a service dog for a dedicated veteran.

Fairway established the non-profit AWI in 2015 to support deserving veterans through local branch activities.

Louise Thaxton, AWI Co-Founder, and Director, and Fairway Branch Manager, said that Fairway has sponsored over 200 service dogs for veterans in the last six years. In 2021, they plan to fund 100 service dogs.

Fairway Wholesale Lending Funds AWI Service Dogs

Holly Mattson, VP of Fairway Wholesale Lending, said “Our team has watched Louise and AWI give away many service dogs and we really wanted to be a part of that. Fairway’s wholesale platform came together to sponsor a service dog and has plans for more in 2021.”

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Elizabeth Stephens will be receiving a service dog. She is also a mother with 3 children. She was astonished by the report last week.

Stephens entered the Marine Corps as a pilot after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. Over her 19 years in the military, she made an amazing impression as the first African American woman to fly the Osprey and an A46.

Stephens said, “I had no idea that I would be receiving a service dog. I am a bit overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of Fairway and AWI. I know how much of a difference it will make in my life to have a partner I can count on. The service dog will be with me all the time – sort of like a battle buddy.”

Steve Jacobson, CEO of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation CEO, said “Fairway Wholesale Lending truly rose to the occasion by raising the funds for the service dog. It’s the same dedication the folks in our wholesale division show to brokers and borrowers.”