Former Augusta County Supervisor Pleaded Guilty in Credit Card Fraud Case

Former Augusta County supervisor Terry Kelley Jr. pleaded guilty to five charges of credit card fraud in Augusta Circuit Court on Thursday, September 5.

According to a report from Daily Progress, Kelly, 55, has pleaded guilty for credit card larceny, credit card forgery, and three counts of credit card fraud. On the same date, he was sentenced to five years in prison along with four years. He was also charged with nine months’ suspension and three months to serve. Kelly was ordered to pay restitution of $4,015.43 within a year.

“I’d much rather see Mr. Kelley pay back the taxpayers of Augusta County than pay a lot of court costs they wouldn’t see as much of,” said Jeff Gaines, Staunton Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Kelley, who was the Augusta County Beverley Manor supervisor since 2015, resigned in November of 2018 following the discovery of the misuse of the credit card. The card was assigned to Augusta County Fire Department Company 10 for an antique Fire Engine. As explained by Daily Progress, the fire engine had been out of service since September 2017. However, the authorities have decided to investigate after an Oct. 29 purchase in Florida was discovered.

Following the investigation, police identified over $4,000 charges on the county’s credit card, including gas purchases between October 2017 to October 2018 through 149 unauthorized transactions. When Kelly was first interrogated, the then Augusta County supervisor said he had made an “honest mistake” of mixing up his own cards to the one assigned to the fire engine.

“He continued to use the card because he was afraid of being caught,” Gaines said. “He thought if he stopped using it, it would be suspicious.”

Kelley, who now resides in Lynchburg, was approved for the home monitoring program and will be subject to house arrest effective Sept. 20.