Harness Raises $60 Million in Series B Investment

Harness received a $60m million investment in the recent round of Series B Funding. The round of funding was led by GV, IVP, and Service Now Ventures reports Tech Crunch. In addition to these investors, current stakeholders such as Big Labs, Menlo Ventures, and Unusual Ventures also invested in the said company, bringing the total amount raised to a whopping $80 million.

Photo Credit: www.forbes.com

Harness and Its Humble Beginnings

Founded by Jyoti Bansal, the AppyDynamics co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the business, Harness is a startup company based in San Francisco that focuses on developing a continuous app delivery. Tech Crunch notes that Bansal sold his AppDynamics company to Cisco in 2017, being given $3.7 billion in exchange.

In addition, Venture Beat states that the company also develops platforms which cater to engineering and DevOps teams. Apart from Jyoti Bansal, Rishi Singh is also a co-founder of the business. Singh was a former DevOps platform architect at Apple. Both of these individuals worked with notable data scientists and engineers in the field.

What It Does

The business aims to provide an all-encompassing continuous delivery approaches as their main service. In a nutshell, customers can easily and seamlessly move data to the cloud using their platform.

Following the fresh capital gained by the business, Harness plans to put its efforts towards research and development, as well as hiring more employees. These individuals are slated to enter customer success, development, and the sales departments of the company.

Despite being given huge funding, CEO Bansal states that they are not actively looking for new investments. Rather, the business intends to focus on cultivating its reach and relationships in the market. Today, the company has grown to 100 employees after only starting from 25 people.

Tech Crunch reports that Harness works with businesses such as Home Depot, McAfee, and Santander Bank.