Health Insurance Giant Partners with Apple

Keeping yourself active is a sure-fire way to stay fit and healthy. However, keeping track of your activity can be quite challenging without the right app or the perfect device in hand. Together with Apple, the health insurance giant, Aetna, makes it possible to monitor your activities and keep up with all your fitness goals.

According to Patrick Lucas Austin of Time, this isn’t the first time Aetna has worked with the renowned technology company. In 2016, both businesses have come together to launch a similar program.

How Attain Works

Aside from making customized health programs and recommendations to their users, this program also allows customers to earn back points and redeem the price of an Apple Watch. Other offers included in this plan are redeeming corporate gift cards.

To urge more users to engage in healthy activities, Aetna and Apple plans to launch a new health-tracking app. Named Attain, this app has been in the works for a long time, starting in 2016. Individuals with iPhones or the Apple Watch can access this app.

Attain will provide activity goals which suit the user’s lifestyle. From tracking sleeping patterns, bringing your weight down, and generally improving your health, this app takes personalization to another level. It will also nudge you to visit your doctor from time to time.

How It Changes the Health and Fitness Industry

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, told CNBC that they plan on making significant contributions to the health sector with the help of their technology. Programmed similarly to how their in-house apps, the multinational technology company seeks to make fitness activities and challenges into points. These points have the option of being redeemed for gift cards or towards the payment of your Apple Watch.

With 22.1 million members under Aetna’s insurance program, the company hopes to make the Attain available to all its members.

Attain is slated to launch later this spring.