Insurance Fraud Hits India Once Again

Another series of insurance fraud hits India again earlier this year, with suspects claiming to be ‘representatives’ from an insurance company. These callers will inform a member of the new terms and conditions of the insurance policies and that ‘premiums have increased.’

Just last November 2018, there are 12 suspects nabbed because of their links to fake insurance policies. It seems like more conmen are doing some dirty work to get policy details. According to the article published by Times of India, these suspects are acting as representatives of Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd. and already obtained essential information of some members.

The company representative also pointed out that this situation will hurt their reputation as an insurance provider.

“This raises suspicions about malpractices by other insurance companies against our company,” said a representative of the company.

Meanwhile, the police are doing an investigation to this matter and already filed FIR. Authorities have warned the public to avoid giving sensitive information to some random callers.

Dirty old tricks

Fake insurance policies are already happening in India and even though suspects are nabbed, there are still those who do the dirty old tricks. These people lure policy members into cheaper plans to obtain their information.

What’s reported to the authorities now are, suspects are posing as representatives and offer members to port their policies to a new company for better benefits. After a few days, another call center will be posing as an agent from another insurance company where members will transfer their policies. Many people aren’t aware that this is already a scam so many have provided their details.

Just last October 2018, 24 people are arrested in New Delhi for similar crimes. Then on November, 50 police officials have arrested eight centers in Gautam Budh Nagar for crimes related to the online scam.