Jeffree Star’s Warehouse Burglarized, $2.5m in Makeup Missing

Jeffree Star, cosmetics mogul and YouTube star, reportedly lost $2.5 million worth of makeup in a burglary last April 1, 2019. Following this turn of events, Star worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help track down the missing makeup products.

According to Nylon, one of Jeffree Star’s distribution facilities was robbed, resulting in an entire shade line of Magic Star concealer disappearing along with other products from an unreleased line.

Based on the vlog released by the makeup mogul, the unfortunate incident happened after he announced the reveal of his Blue Blood collection on March 15, 2019. After his announcement on social media, one of his stock and shipping facility warehouses have been broken into at around 1 in the morning. In his vlog, Jeffree recounted that this burglary is the “biggest theft I’ve experienced in my entire career.”

Despite the series of unfortunate events happening to the makeup mogul, Jeffree refrained from sharing about the incident on April 1, 2019, April Fools’ Day, so as not to create confusion about the gravity and reality of his situation. However, he was able to post a series of cryptic tweets pertaining to his situation over his social media account on Twitter.

Cosmopolitan reports that over the past weekend, photos of the unreleased Magic Star concealer have been leaked to the public, being advertised on social media sites via the black market. Seventeen states that the new product showed up on a private post on a Facebook group. The seller claims that she got the items straight from the warehouse.

As of writing, Nylon notes that the FBI has successfully tracked down some of his makeup products. However, there is still a large number of products that have yet to be recovered. The woman who posted on social media has also been reportedly sent to jail.