Manulife Introduces New Insurance And Investment Plan

Manufacturers Life Insurance Philippines Co. (Manulife) introduced its new product, combining insurance protection and investment opportunities for Filipinos.

Manulife senior vice president and chief marketing officer Melissa Henson clarified that the new product called My Vision Plan (MVP) helps grow policyholders money while securing integral benefits of insurance.

Manulife MVP was designed to be the most valuable player among financial solutions. By combining insurance protection and investment benefits in a plan that brings these four guaranteed benefits together, Manulife MVP can help you achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself and your loved ones,said Henson.

One of the four major benefits of the MVP is the guaranteed cash benefits, despite market movements. It also includes guaranteed lifetime protection, once the policy is fully paid. There is also a fixed paying period of five, 10, or 15 years, depending on the clients preferences and needs. The best part of the MVP is the guaranteed easy application for up to P1 million coverage.

Manulife New Insurance And Investment Plan

Henson also said that MVP is flexible for everyone and not only for people earning huge salaries but also for young professionals who want to start planning for their future. Whether you are a young professional starting to plan for your future, a parent preparing for your childrens education, or a career executive planning fun adventures post-retirement, Manulife MVP can help you achieve your best life,said Henson.

By emphasizing the guarantee in the plans benefits, every policyholder can step up and prevent hesitation to invest earnings.

Market uncertainty becomes the barrier to why some people are hesitant to invest in financial products. Henson said that there are more saving opportunities that a person can miss out on when not investing.

The MVP surrenders value and death benefits despite market performance and conditions.