Number of Uninsured Texans Rise to 19 Percent

The number of Texans without health insurance rise to a whopping 19 percent, having about 4.7 million uninsured individuals in this state alone. Bruce Japsen from Forbes reports that of these 4.7 million citizens, about 20% of the Texan population under the age of 65 have no access to medical health insurance. Considering how numerous Texans work full-time shifts in stores, hospitals, and construction sites, Elena Marks, CEO of Episcopal Health Foundation, finds the lack of access to healthcare surprising.

Following the participation of The Fairness Project in the previous midterm elections in 2018, active voters and participants from the State of Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah have reportedly voiced their support for the expansion of Medicaid coverage in the 14 remaining states. At least 60 percent of voters in Texas have shown their widespread support for this program.

However, there have been strong oppositional forces in the form of Texas Republicans, particularly with GOP-controlled legislatures in place. The Dallas Observer reports that Attorney-General Ken Paxton has taken great lengths to end the Affordable Care Act. CNN reports that Federal Judge Reed O’Connor found Obamacare unconstitutional, so it follows that the rest of the law should be struck down as well.

Following this fight, Paxton and the 20 representative states under his care have taken measures to be rid of Obamacare and its policies, particularly requiring insurance companies to provide medical coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Considering this event, the Texas Observer conveys that such action could result in millions of people let off by their health insurance provider.

According to the Dallas Observer, Texas Rep. Chris Turner, also the Chairman of the Texas House of Representative Democratic Caucus, state that President Trump has denied Texans their right and access to affordable healthcare. Despite the challenging political landscape faced by citizens, Tami Luhby of CNN state that an estimated 8.5 million Americans sign-up for Obamacare.

As of 2019, under President Trump’s administration, various states are still recovering from the budget cuts enacted under Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).