PAG Investments Rebrands as Northpath Investments

PAG Investments, a property investment company, based in the United States, renamed Northpath Investments based on reports on May 11, 2020.

The rebranding relates to the company’s goal to expand its scope as a real estate investment firm. There are also reports that Northpath Investment’s decision to rename is a great step towards new developments that the company aims to offer.

Co-Principals Gershon Alexander and Geoffrey Adler run Northpath Investments. Alexander is in charge of the company’s investments as well as corporate relations. He has more than 20 years of real estate experience. He has also acquired and operated more than $500 million in properties, mostly in the Northeast and New York metropolitan areas.

PAG Investments Rebrands Northpath Investments

Alexander’s typical emphasis has been on actual worth and ground-up deals. He has the knowledge and skills to guide clients through complex business transactions relating to substantial lease, ecological, and eligibility uncertainty.

Adler, as Co-Principal, is in charge of the firm’s activities and wealth management. He has supervised 15 trades totaling 2.8 million square feet since the firm’s release in August 2018, and the business now holds over $300 million in cash.

Northpath Investments intends to expand further. They look for residential, commercial, and office assets in local and international markets to maximize profitability and purchase price significantly through rent up, extension, reconstruction, and regeneration.

Northpath operates in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, focusing on regions of dense population and economic status. To attain better risk-adjusted profits, Northpath seeks out attractive funding conditions.

Northpath Investments, based in New York City, is a privately owned property investment and management company. Northpath specializes in retail, self-storage, commercial, and office property development, construction, renovation, and maintenance in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Northport has a strong track record in owning and managing properties, and they strive to generate value for their clients, stakeholders, and the neighborhoods in which they operate and live.