Patriot Wealth Management Increases Its Microsoft Co. Shares by 2.2%

Houston firm Patriot Wealth Management brought a total of 3,839 shares from Microsoft Co. as the software company declined stock value by 1.64%. The wealth management firm now owned a total of 17,240 shares from the software giant, which amounts to $20,157,000, as stated in the recent financial report filed by the firm.

Patriot Wealth Management was recently acquired by Mariner Wealth Advisors last November 2018. It is still in business and continues to expand its wealth with the acquisition of Microsoft shares. However, it has changed its name to Mariner Wealth Advisors effective January 1, 2019.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Corp Com values approximately $782.57 billion and a stock share value of $104.27.

There are also some changes in the acquired shares of the Patriot Wealth Management as it lessened its shares of U.S. Bancorp by 2.3%. The firm sold almost 3,900 shares last year but still has a total of $7,616,000 shares.

Client-First’ Mentality

Patriot Wealth Management engages in the business of planning services, risk management, estate planning and trust services. Founded in 2004, the company has grown and expanded through the years until the acquisition.

Todd Hanslik, the co-founder of Patriot said in a statement published at Investment News, “Joining Mariner Wealth Advisors allows us to relocate time spent on back-office functions and refocus our efforts on our valued clients.”

The principal of Patriot also mentioned that they are thrilled to tap and use the wide resources of the Mariner Wealth Advisors to serve their clients better. The company, managed by Marty Bicknell has more than $23 billion in assets.

Given this acquisition, Mariner now has its first branch at Houston, operating with its 26 other locations all throughout the 19 states of United States.