Razer Fintech Names Ex-DBS Chair as Member of its Board

Razer fintech, a leading offline-to-online digital payment network in Southeast Asia, announced Thursday, Oct 3, the appointment of Koh Boon Hwee as a member of its Advisory Board.

Prior to his appointment, Koh has served as the chairman of Singapore’s most iconic firms, including DBS Bank, Securities Industry Council, Far East Orchard Limited, Rippledot Capital Advisers Pte Ltd, Agilent Technologies Inc, AAC Technologies, Yeo Hiap Seng Limited, and Sunningdale Tech Limited.

To date, he is currently the chairman of Credence Capital, a private equity fund offering growth stage capital and expertise to SMEs in the Southeast Asian region.

Razer Fintech Names ex-DBS Chair

“I am excited to share my corporate and financial services experience with Razer Fintech to provide guidance and contribute to its ambitions of rolling-out its fintech solutions globally,” said Mr. Koh.

“Unlike many other fintech providers which are bound to certain geographies, Razer, as the world’s leading lifestyle brand for youth and millennials, has a truly global reach. I am confident that Razer Fintech, with its unique proposition of focusing on addressing the needs of the youth and millennials who today already constitute the majority of the working population globally, will be uniquely poised to become their preferred financial provider,” he added.

Founded in 2018, Razer Fintech serves as the financial technology arm of Razer Inc., a leading gaming hardware manufacturing company. In September, the company has appointed former GIC president Lim Siong Guan as an Advisory Board member.

“Mr. Koh’s extensive experience and proven track record as an entrepreneur and corporate leader at some of the leading companies in the world will help us greatly in driving our growth strategy and addressing financial inclusivity and diversity across all markets,” said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

The recent announcement was seen to be part of Razer’s broader plan to expand its digital payments platform into the financial services sector via digital banking solutions.