Succession Wealth Introduces Sports and Entertainment Advice Arm

Succession Wealth, a UK-based wealth management firm, has established “Succession Sports & Entertainment,” a wealth planning advice arm for sports and entertainment to assist and educate professionals in these fields.

The service team will provide financial advice and education to young and established professionals. It aims to ensure their financial security in the present and the future. The service will also guide retirees on how to transition into a fruitful career change.

Professionals in sports and entertainment encounter various financial pressures. It is important to start planning for the future at a young age.

Succession Wealth Introduces Sports and Entertainment

Peter Coleman, Succession’s Chief Commercial Officer, said “The launch of Succession sports and entertainment is another example of us strengthening our proposition and ensuring we can provide maximum value for clients in these unique industries.”

“We already have an experienced team in place, with some high-profile clients, so I’m really excited about what the future holds for us in this space.”

Succession Sports & Entertainment places a heavy emphasis on guaranteeing that preparation is at the heart of its clients’ finances. It will also be making financial terminology more understandable.

The service forecasts finances and provides a visual illustration of potential future scenarios using cashflow modeling technology.

Its service team will collaborate with schools and academies to teach young people the financial management knowledge and skills to grow and secure their wealth throughout their lives.

Ehson Dejahang, Succession’s Financial Planner, said “We are independent wealth planners, not salespeople. It is an important distinction as it means we are committed to working in the client’s best interests on an ongoing basis throughout their life.”

“While sporting careers can often be short, and earnings sporadic in the world of entertainment, these professionals can also have multiple careers, so we want to be there for them throughout that process.”