Trump Administration Supports Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence remains to be a fascinating concept for most people, often being defined by popular films such as The Matrix, Bicentennial Man, and even Ex Machina and Avengers: Age of Ultron. These movies showed advances which allowed governments and private entities to further their reach. Following this, the Trump Administration signed an executive order urging government agencies to allot resources that highlight research and promotion of AI.

The executive order signed by President Trump is titled “Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence.” Under his administration’s decree, federal government agencies are directed to allocate funding and research resources towards utilizing AI with the hopes of familiarizing workers to an era of AI. AI is said to a critical addition that will help further industries, including vehicles, disease diagnosis, and many more reports Reuters.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Technology

Singapore has already paved the way for artificial technology backed by strong government support. The United States following in its stead shows potential not only in fostering a brighter economic landscape but also a more advanced site of technology.

Funding Woes, Plan of Action Questioned

While the decree has been quite ambitious in its reach, the Trump administration remains vague with its funding policies. Jessica Baron from Forbes notes that there have been no new announcements following the financial resources problem. Likewise, Forbes states that there is a lack of structure as to how to implement the five pillars under this program.

In Trump’s State of the Union last week, the President states that he is willing to work with lawmakers to ensure that the technology landscape will be advanced.