YouTube Provides Super Chat Credits to Premium Users

The video platform YouTube is now offering Super Chat credits for its premium users. This new feature allows customers to easily connect and share insights to YouTube creators around the world.

Providing the Ability to Connect

According to CNET, the Super Chat function makes it possible for paying customers to share their love and their wealth to their favorite content creators. Subscribers who are paying for a premium account per month are now being given $2 worth of credit to help viewers communicate with an influencer’s live stream.

Mashable reports that this feature is akin to giving monetary “tips” in lieu of a simple commendation. In exchange for this tip, the influencer’s live stream will feature the highlighted comment in the chat, making the comment be seen by numerous watchers around the world.

Apart from the $2 worth of credits, premium account holders will also be given the chance to get two $0.99 cent credits for the Super Chat feature. These credits can be divided between two different content creators who will hold their own live stream, reports Mashable. The Super Chat credits given to users will automatically be replenished every month for the whole of the beta testing period.

The Verge notes that this new feature will only be made available to influencers who already have a following of 1,000 or more subscribers. However, with the feature still being on its beta phase, and the beta testing lasting until the end of May, it may take some time before all premium customers will be given access to this novel addition.

It appears that this $2 gifting addition is a motivation for non-premium subscribers to use the video platform. A premium monthly subscription is currently valued at $11.99, giving users an uninterrupted and ad-free viewing experience.