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W7 News offers authoritative insight and opinion on financial news, including topics related to fintech, lending, credit, insurance and wealth creation.

We publish up-to-date financial news all day, every day and maintain a searchable online archive. You can also find our work wherever you spend time on the internet — Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.

Our Editorial Team

Maricar Sze

A Filipino-Chinese, Maricar Sze is highly educated and well travelled. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies majoring in Information Technology. She is a business owner providing services to small to medium businesses in Australia. In earlier years, Maricar worked for American companies Verizon and MCI in Technical Support activities. Over some 8+ years in the SEO industry, Maricar is also a Google Certified Ads Specialist. With skills and expertise, she is responsible for shaping and implementing website optimisation, content marketing, PPC and quality measures for digital campaigns. Other interests include travelling, watching Netflix, and frequently volunteers at children hospitals or shelters.

Mirka Santos

Mirka Santos is a writer from Quezon City whose works encompass all kinds of topics, from lifestyle blogs to technical articles. She worked as a web content writer and research assistant at the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, where she wrote informative and feature articles, profiles of notable overseas Filipinos and PR-related works. Moreover, she has worked as a freelance transcriber, editor, documenter and writer for various clients.

Louise Garay

Louise Garay is a 25-year-old digital copywriter living in Manila. In the past, she worked as an assistant at the Religions for Peace at the University of Santo Tomas where she wrote and proofread contents for various events. She also worked as a content writer for various clients across multiple topics. Furthermore, she did freelance work editing theses and dissertations, managing social media accounts, and writing gallery descriptions for artworks and exhibitions.

Cristine Parungao

Cristine Parungao is a full-time digital writer based in Manila. She worked as a web copywriter and SEO writer at an advertising firm in Makati, servicing both local and international clients. Moreover, she also did freelance work managing social media accounts of various clients, creating web contents, PR materials, news and proofreading contents for different websites.

Anthony Chua

Anthony Chua is currently a Digital and Web Content Writer at Linkocity Marketing where he writes news articles, blog posts, as well as web and social media content for various companies. In the past, he was a Writer and Section Editor for a community newspaper in Southern California and New York where he authored the paper’s editorial, contributed news articles, and edited write-ups submitted by contributors and columnists. Occasionally, he also wrote press releases and marketing copies for the paper.