31% UK Women Opt Separate Assets With Their Partners

In a survey conducted by wealth management group Netwealth, it is found out that 31% of the 4,000 participants don’t want to share wealth and assets with their partners.

Younger women ages 16 to 34 years old said that they want to have separate assets and investments on their own, while the majority of those aged over 55 are willing to share their wealth with their partners.

Yahoo reports that the wealthier the women are, the more chances they are going to separate their money from their partners.

This results showed that more women are becoming financially independent, as divorce rates are increasing each year. Financial earnings need to be separated from partners to avoid conflict with assets when divorcing kicks in.

Netwealth CEO Charlotte Ransom said, “The traditional approach to managing finances jointly is being overturned by a new generation of financially more autonomous females.”

Ransom also added that the younger generation entering marriage are turning their backs on the concept of ‘what is mine is yours.’ Because these women are earning money on their own, most of them want to have control over their finances even when they have their own family.

The latest divorce figures revealed 101,669 heterosexual divorces in England and Wales. According to Evening Standard, the rate is declining, however, the reason for this may be rooted from the fact that some couples choose not to get married in the first place.

In addition, more and more people were searching for the term ‘divorce’ on search engines, approximately 40,500 people. This indicates that while the rate is declining, cases of separation between couples are still huge in number.

Given that not only men are building their empires and women are also dominating in their careers, but the latter is also smarter in terms of handling their money.

On Forbes’ list of annual billionaires, a number of women appeared, including the youngest and beauty icon Kylie Jenner.