AE Wealth Management Exceeds $7B in Total Platform Assets

AE Wealth Management, a leading monetary advisor firm based in Topeka, Kansas, surpasses $7 billion in total platform assets as of April 24, 2019. Only four months ago, the company has already topped $6 billion in total platform assets.

According to a report from PR Newswire, this unprecedented growth rate of the firm was achieved without taking external capital or acquiring other firms.

Given its impressive accumulation of a total platform asset that exceeds $7 billion, AE Wealth Management has received a number of credits within the industry. In 2018, following a 303.64% increase in assets from 2016 to 2017, Financial Advisor magazine listed the company as the top two fastest-growing registered investment advisors (RIAs) in America. Aside from this, AE Wealth Management also acquired the number-two spot under Investment News’ list of “Biggest RIA gainers” in 2018, priding itself with a total of $1 billion in assets.

Just recently, AE Wealth Management has stormed the headlines by boosting its holdings in different companies, such as Walmart Inc., McDonalds Corp., and Bank of America Corp. With all these indicators, the financial advisory firm now stands as one of the fastest-growing registered investment advisory (RIA) firms in America. It presents an open-architecture platform of investment solutions and operates an agnostic approach to investing. As of April of 2019, the firm now oversees more than $7 billion in total platform assets.

President of AE Wealth Management, Chris Radford, said this astonishing growth rate should be credited to their employees and partners. “We’re truly helping independent RIA’s with every aspect of their business – from growing as advisors and business owners to providing a comprehensive money management platform. That paired with the marketing support and our elite advisor network is why we’re one of the fastest-growing registered investment advisory (RIA) firms in America,” he added.