Pope Francis Asks Catholics to Reject ‘Glitter of Wealth’ in Easter Vigil

In the pursuit to resist cynicism among Catholics, Pope Francis reminds people during the Easter Vigil to avoid seeking life’s meaning in things that easily ‘pass away.’

The Pope also exclaimed that people should not bury hope and instead, be faithful in the Lord. According to him, most people tend to lose their heart when problems hit but because Easter means joy and hope, the Pope said to focus on the Lord and avoid wealth and pride.

“Sin seduces; it promises things easy and quick, prosperity and success, but leaves behind only solitude and death. Sin is looking for life among the dead, for the meaning of life in things that pass away,” said the pontiff in an article published by the AP.

As a tradition, the Pope lit the darkened side of the aisle with a candle and the Basilica’s lights turned on dramatically. This has been a tradition during the Easter eucharistic celebration, signifying that the Lord has risen and he has given light to the world once again.

Aside from staying away from the temporary happiness brought by wealth, the pontiff’s homily also includes the devastating fire that captured the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris last April 18, 2019.

After the said incident, several billionaires have donated millions of money to restore the church and rebuild its beautiful landmark.

France has been in tension lately, because of taxes issues and financial inequality. Some are saying that the rich must be taxed heavily compared to the poor who doesn’t earn as much.

Given this tension, the Pope wants people to not focus on the money but instead to more meaningful aspects of life including faith.

Easter Sunday is a joyful celebration during the Holy Week as it marks the resurrection of Christ from the dead.