The Queen Disfavoured Kate Middleton’s ‘Show of Wealth’

Katie Nicholl, a Royal expert, revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was critical of Kate Middleton’s lifestyle before she married Prince Willian in 2011. According to Nicholl, the monarch found it frivolous that Middleton skipped from one job to another before marriage. Another source of Her Majesty’s disapproval was the countless overseas vacations with Prince William and her ‘prominence on the London club scene,’ according to

This disfavour comes in light of Britain’s recession. Nicholl further states that the Queen recommended that the Duchess of Cambridge work with a charity leading Middleton to get involved with Starlight, organization committed to helping terminally ill children.

Her Majesty’s Net Worth

MSN reports that the monarch is at the 344th rank in 2018 Sunday Times list of wealthy individuals. Her assets include expensive art, precious jewels and even wind farms. Moreover, the monarch gets her income from the Crown Estate and the 263,000 acres of farm and buildings. She also has a salary of $97.2 million. This amounts to at least $520 million, with the British monarchy’s assets valued at $88 billion. Her husband, Prince Philip is worth about $30 million.

Despite having the royal title and overwhelming net worth, former advisor to the Queen Sir Evelyn de Rothschild reveals that the Queen is frugal when it comes to spending money. Her tight spending includes a GBP 30 heater and a GBP 7.99 nail varnish. This is due to her upbringing during the war, which made her smart with money.