African Investors Welcome South Sudan Investment Drive

African Energy Chamber, a rising star in the global energy market, announced that it will be joining South Sudanese Cabinet Ministers and business leaders at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on April 24th, from 9 am to 5 pm. The said event will serve as an avenue for private sectors to invest and operate in South Sudan’s diverse and rich environmental potential.

According to a report from African News, the event is composed of different delegates, including Agriculture and Food Security Minister Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, Mining Minister Hon. Gabriel Thokuj Deng, Investment Authority Secretary-General Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, Nilepet Managing Director Dr. Chol Thon Abel, and Petroleum Commission Chairman Amb. Ceasar Marko.

The African Energy Chamber believes that the administration has an obligation to form an “enabling environment of investors” that will lead to the country’s growth and continuous peace. The energy-based company also noted that opening South Sudan’s new oil blocks for African Investors will help put more money into the country. leadership also has an obligation to creating an enabling environment of investors to put more money into the country.

“Investors need an enabling environment and we are spending a lot of money to help South Sudan achieve that.  It is business that creates jobs and hope. Economic revival and business are the solution; not aid. Our leaders in government need to understand this. We cannot afford smallness in our drive for peace, investment and stability when what South Sudan and most of Africa really need are big pragmatic common-sense solutions.” AEC Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk explained.

The African Energy Chamber has also encouraged its partners, as well as other investors, to attend the upcoming investment drive, in which Sudanese leaders from both public and private sectors will take part in.