Amazon’s Alexa to Handle HIPAA-Compliant Information

Just last April 4, 2019, Amazon announced that smart speaker Alexa will be launching a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant medical developments and technology. This new project expects companies to rely on Alexa to handle patient healthcare information.

According to The Verge, six healthcare companies and providers have been working with the company since then, including insurance companies, payors, pharmacy benefit managers, and digital health coaching companies. Tech Crunch notes that the six skills being launched by the multi-billion-dollar business are being partnered off with some of the best healthcare providers.

A Deeper Look

Tech Crunch reports that one of the six skills being improved upon by Amazon is employees being able to take control of their wellness improvement goals and their ability to earn incentives as they reach this goal. This primary skill is done in partnership with Cigna. On the other hand, Livongo focuses on asking employees for their blood sugar reading courtesy of Alexa.

Meanwhile, The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) department of Boston Hospital has started also started with its operations. Through the smart speaker Alexa, patients can receive information about their appointments, states The Verge. Other companies involved in the trial period of this technology include Atrium Health, Express Scripts, and Swedish Health Connect. These companies focus on providing updates regarding patient prescription delivery as well as taking appointments through Alexa as well.

What’s in Store

The invite-only program is currently being tested by Amazon to gauge whether its developing technologies can measure up to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Despite having limited coverage and exposure in the meantime, Amazon is expecting to expand its coverage and reach in the future, notes Tech Crunch. However, Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, states the business is also expecting to encounter failures along the way. Despite this, CNBC reports that the company is continuing its foray into health care, health insurance, and other related fields