Brexit Deadline Delayed, Insurance Policies in Question

Individuals who have a UK-registered vehicle will be required to request a green card from their insurance provider. This news follows Prime Minister Theresa May’s delay to vote on the controversial Brexit deal. According to CNN, the Prime Minister’s decision has delayed the supposedly meaningful vote that was initially slated last Wednesday.

The new summit is scheduled to commence on March 12, 2019. The new date happens only 17 days shy from the Brexit day, reports The Guardian. On this day, MPs will cast their fresh votes.

Brexit Decision in Limbo

Theresa May’s decision to delay the Brexit vote garnered numerous outbursts from MPs. Most people under her administration strongly and openly oppose her actions, particularly with botching up Britain’s supposed deal in terms of the country leaving the European Union.

Insurance Deals

The current driving situations permit drivers of UK-registered vehicles to enter Europe, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and Serbia.

The Guardian states that should the UK leave Brexit without a deal, drivers will be required to carry a green card, particularly when entering and staying within Europe and Ireland. While the green card insurance will be likely issued by insurers at no extra cost, obtaining these can take up to one month.

The request for green cards will be observed after March 29, applicable to individuals driving to EU and EEA, reports The Guardian. Meanwhile, British drivers will have to acquire an International Driving Permit in addition to their UK driving license. Other drivers are now also advised to bear the travel and health insurance when travelling.