Chinese Government Disallows People from Travelling Due to Low Social Credit

The controversial Social Credit System now barred people with low scores to travel in and out of China.

Approximately 23 million plane and train tickets were blocked as more than 138 individuals deemed ‘discredited’ to travel because of sudden drops on the social credit score. These people are now banned from purchasing any travel tickets as long as their scores will remain on the ground.

The travel ban was rolled out last May 2018 to focus on individuals with incredibly low social credit score. This social score is identified by the Chinese government only, through the actions of individuals. Furthermore, this system was a result of the Golden Shield, which is a project that helps shape and monitors society.

For example, if an individual commits a crime, it can take a toll on his or her social credit score. Aside from crimes, one’s score can drop due to the purchase of alcohol and illegal items, play video games too often and other unaccepted actions such as spending lavishly.

Penalties like the travel ban will be given to people in the lower bracket plus loss of employment and educational opportunities. Meanwhile, those who have good scores can get access to a multitude of rewards and discounts, plus a faster application process to travel abroad.

As of today, not all areas in Chinese are subject to this social system. The government only started this social credit system last 2014 in selected areas that are growing. However, the government aims to have this system effective all over China by 2020.