Company Offering a High-Tech Way to Manage Estates

Death is a topic that many people are uncomfortable talking about. However, it is certainly inevitable, which is why many people choose to settle their affairs even when they are young and healthy. Software company Trust & Will made this process easier through their estate management service in partnership with Notarize, an online notarization service that allows online reviewing, signing and collaboration.

In fact, the company has recently implemented its very first digital will, MarketWatch says. Las Vegas police officer Cory McCormick is the first American to avail the first digital will signed in the United States. According to him, the process was all executed online, which shortens the time consumed when getting a physical document notarized.

As of this time, only Nevada recognizes the validity of electronic notaries and digitized estate documents.

How It Revolutionizes Estate Management

Founder and CEO Cody Barbo says that Trust & Will is slated to encourage people to think about estate management. Aside from making the process faster, the digitized Will makes it more accessible. Perhaps a great function of this service is that clients can update their documents alongside major changes in finances, family and other life events. This way, individuals can make changes in their wills should they have a new child, get an inheritance and other determining factors.

Trust & Will looks at new mothers as crucial clients, PYMNTS reports. As the service also offers a fast and hassle-free way to set up legal guardianship, it looks to market its services to new moms. With the company’s help, these moms can do their paperwork online for as low as $39.

Customers can avail of the company’s trust-based estate management service for $399 and above whilst clients can use its will-based estate management service starting at $69.