Credit Card Scheme Robs Calgary Woman of $3,000

Shannon, a Calgary woman is regretting ‘helping’ her credit card company after being scammed out of $3,000, says Global News. This comes after the woman received a call from a person claiming to be connected with Mastercard. According to the scammer, her credit account is set to be closed that she will be issued a new card. This is allegedly due to fraudsters using her card to purchase Google Play cards.

In a second call, the scammer asked Shannon to help capture the criminals by purchasing her own Google Play cards. This would supposedly reveal which transactions were legitimate with the use of her personal identification number (PIN).

While buying the said cards, she was asked by one retailer regarding her large gift card purchase. However, Shannon told the cashier that the gift cards were for her grandchildren upon the instructions of the scammer. After this, she gave the pin numbers to the scammer who remained on the line the whole time.

A word of comfort

Shannon reached out to the police and learned that she was scammed. The scammer got in touch with her the next day telling her that she needs to make another purchase. However, she revealed that she was working with the police and was told by the criminal to ‘take comfort’ in knowing that she was scammed for only $3,000.

This incident has resulted in the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) instruction retailers to question large gift card purchases. Authorities advise consumers to be cautious about sketchy callers urging them to stay on the phone and lie about acting on their instructions. Moreover, anyone who thinks they have been defrauded are encouraged get in touch with the police immediately.

Meanwhile, Shannon told Global News that she knows nothing about the scammer and that she should have got in touch with the credit card company before acting.