Curve to Launch Own Crowdfunding Campaigns, Aims for 7 Figures

Financial technology company Curve will launch its own crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding gig will be the company’s first-ever foray into crowdsourcing. Curve intends to reach the seven-figure mark after its venture, which is slated to commence come September 2019.

The business’ decision to open a crowdfunding campaign reportedly stems from the constant demand from customers voicing their interest to get a share in the company. Finextra notes that the company banks on its initial success in the Series B Funding round.

Curve is a financial technology platform that offers public access to consolidated access to credit cards and bank accounts. Through the services provided by the firm, consumers can streamline their banking and credit use, as well as gain more control over their funding.

In a press release by Curve, the crowdsourcing campaign will allow outside investors and eligible customers from the public to invest in the start-up company. The minimum investment required by the firm goes for as little as £10 per share. A minimum contribution allows stockholders to gain a share in the business and to get some exclusive perks and rewards.

To jumpstart the venture, Curve is working closely with Crowdcube Capital Limited. Crowdcube previously worked with notable companies in their crowdsourcing ventures, including Monzo and Revolut.

In a statement, founder and chief executive officer at Curve, Shachar Bialick, says the “crowdfund presents an exceptional opportunity for our eligible customers to invest in a product they love and a business that is growing at a phenomenal rate.”

Curve is currently valued at $250 million, and it has amassed a strong 500,000 following for its smart card named All Your Cards in One alongside its app. In an article by UKTN, the business intends to increase in reach by one million by the end of 2019.