Democrats Reintroduce Medicare for America

Nine years after the ObamaCare program, there are still over 30 million Americans who don’t have access to health care benefits.

With the 2020 elections approaching, different candidates are touching on this issue in the hopes of pleasing the voters. However, the reality is, there is a myriad of underlying issues surrounding this topic that needs to be rehauled.

On Wednesday, May 1, two House Democrats proposed new health care that can possibly address the health care system of the United States.

The new program called ‘Medicare for America’ was introduced in 2018 by Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro and Jan Schakowsky, changing a few policies into the system.

First, the new version would be open to people of all ages. Newborns will be automatically enrolled in the program and even those that don’t have insurance and existing members of the ObamaCare.

In addition to this initial change, employers are also able to offer gold-level benefits to employees which would help lessen dependence on private insurance.

During the congressional hearing on April 30, supporters of the bill including lawyer and health care advocate Aby Barkan backed the discussion and said, “We have so little time together, and yet our system forces us to waste it with bills and bureaucracy. That is why I am here today, urging you to build a more rational, fair, efficient and effective system.”

In the article published by the New York Times, it is said that the Democratic leadership treats the ‘health care system for all Americans’ with extreme caution.

Although this plan has been proposed last year, movements are evident and it will take more time before it will roll out, now that 2020 election is coming.

To pass the change in the health care system, Democrats need to smoothen out internal disagreements in the House and win back the Senate. To end the Senate procedure, there must be 60 votes to approve the legislation.