Fraudster Ordered to Return Money from Manchester Arena Claim

Susan Pain, a boss at an insurance company, is ordered to pay back the insurance money she got from her false claims that her daughter was one of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack on May 2017, BBC says. The Independent reports that merely pretended to have daughter whilst BBC state that she has no children at all.

The order was given after she admitted to two counts of false claims in September 2018, which led to her spending time in jail for two years.

The amount to be returned is a whopping GBP 139,000 worth of insurance money. During the hearing when she confessed her crime, she was ordered to return GBP 89,000 in three months, whilst the remaining amount (GBP 40,000) shall be paid back using her pension.

A history of fraud

Aside from the fraudulent claim on the Manchester Arena incident, Pain has also admitted to 30 other fake claims, according to BBC. The incidents range from March 2010 to July 2017. Officers from the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department says that Pain has been taking advantage of her position as a director of a firm. Reportedly, she has been using named of friends and family members for her fraudulent claims.

She recently used her own name under the impression that the fraud will not be detected as she is known in the profession as Susan Raufer, her former name. This led to her hearing and subsequent arrest.