Bandhan Bank Offering Loan of Up To ₹3.0 Lacs on Their Kisan Credit Card

Bandhan Bank offers its Kisan Credit Card, with loans reaching up to ₹3.0 Lacs. As the agricultural and farming communities remain an integral part of India’s way of life, interested applicants who wish to further their agriculture and livestock activities can do so with their Kisan Credit Card.

Bandhan Bank’s Kisan Credit Card provides loans to Indians, particularly individuals who belong to the farming and industry. Through this card, individuals can take out loans up to ₹3.0 Lacs. The loan can be used for a variety of farming needs, including becoming a capital credit or a term loan. Loans can also be used to run a farm and other related ancillary activities.

Under this offering, customers are given the chance to increase their credit limit. However, this depends on the applicant’s agricultural income.

Credit and loans under this account can be repaid over a period of 60 instalments. However, borrowers are advised to take note that sanctions will be valid for one season for those who used their loan as working capital. Meanwhile, term loans need to be paid over 60 months, including the 3 months moratorium period.


Customers who are interested in applying for a Bandhan Bank Kisan Credit Card must be between the age of 18 and 75 years of age by the time their loan matures. In addition, applicants must provide their documents when applying for their card. KYC documents, passport-sized photographs, land holdings documentation, and bank statements are all essential items that need to be brought when applying. Individuals can apply online or through a branch of their choice.

The interest rate for the credit card is 12% per annum. Other charges will be made at the bank’s discretion, largely depending on the applicant’s credit standing and financial history.