Insurance Fraudsters Get Life Sentence After Massive Explosion Killing 5

Aram Kurd, Arkan Ali and Hawkar Hassan are given life sentence following the murder of five people because of a fire and explosion.

Three men had poured a total of 86 liters of petrol that blew up a Polish store in Leicester City center last February 2018. Kurd and Ali are given 38 years while Hassan will serve at least 33 years in prison. The three taken out a total of £300,000 insurance claim weeks before the incident.

BBC published an article where police describe the incident as ‘one of the deadliest cases of insurance fraud in the UK.’ The five people who got killed are Mary Ragoobeer, 46, her sons Shane, 18 and Sean, 17. Shane’s 18-year old girlfriend Leah Beth Reek also died in the scene. Meanwhile, shop worker Viktonja Ijevleva also died in the massive explosion.

After a series of investigation, police found out that the shop worker ljevleva is dating Ali for some time and was seen in a CCTV travelling with him to take out an insurance policy. Kurd also confessed to a fellow inmate that he didn’t want to split the money with ljevleva and the insurance firm is willing to pay more if people had died. In addition, the three had another motive to kill ljevleva as “she knows too much.”

On December 28 last year, a jury found them guilty of five counts of murder and were sentenced last Friday.

‘Life imprisonment a relief but won’t take them back’

Jose Ragoobeer, husband and father of the 3 victims said that since they’ve moved to England, he and wife Mary have been doing two jobs just to support their family and take kids to school.

“I feel angry because the killers just want to make some easy money,” said Jose.