Lego Bricks Seen as a Solid Investment

Lego remains to be one of the most fun and engaging toys that children grow up with. As a matter of fact, even readers might know a thing or two about playing with these bricks in their childhood. Whilst the pain of stepping on these Lego bricks is unparalleled, throwing your set of Legos can get you in more financial pain, now that these bricks are deemed a worthy investment.

Victoria Dobrynskaya, an economics professor in Moscow, published a paper in 2018. Her findings published in Russia’s Higher School of Economics showed that investing in Lego sets and pieces could outperform investments in gold and other large stocks, Bonnie Burton of CNET reports. In support of this, Dobrynskaya raises that there has been an 11% average return from a sample period ranging from 1987 to 2015, according to Fortune.

What Makes Legos an Attractive Investment

The main reason why Legos make for an attractive investment is that these toys seem to exempt from being affected in market value, market instability, and from the relevance of the times. Since the popularity and demand for these products are not dependent on risk factors including market, momentum, value, and volatility, the toy is an attractive investment which has a potential yield of thousands in the future.

According to CNET, some of the most popular Lego sets sold since 2014 has become very expensive, reaching up to six figures in total. These include the Captain America and Iron Man set sold for $11,200, the complete collection of 55 Harry Potter sets and mini figures sold at $10,000, and the Magician and Zombie set sold at $11,150. Even the Star Wars Darth Revan set which was originally priced at $3.99 in 2014 was sold at $28.46 in 2015, yielding 613% in returns, reports Fortune.

The Real Score in Investments

Despite these Lego collections being dubbed as the next big thing, CNET states that this has become a lucrative trade. Criminals and gangs have taken to stealing these sets, perhaps hoping to sell everything in the black market and make a profit.