Mastercard Introduces New Benefits for World and World Elite Cardholders

Mastercard recently announced it added benefits to its World and World Elite customers.

The leading global payments company said the new perks include cash back and bonus rewards with certain apps and websites, identity theft protection, and cellphone insurance, that are developed to meet the ever-changing needs of its digital-focused cardholders, according to Amnah Ajmal, the company’s North America executive vice president of core products.

Cardholders who regularly use some apps can get automatic benefits. One of them is the ride-hailing app Lyft where World Elite customers will earn a $10 credit for every five rides they book within a calendar month. The credit will be applied to your succeeding ride using Lyft’s service.

Fandango customers can also earn double VIP+ points when buying movie tickets using their World Elite cards. To be more specific, cardholders will get 500 Fandango VIP+ points amounting to $5 for every two movie tickets they buy online or through the company’s website.

World Elite cardholders will get 5% cash rewards when they order bulk items through Boxed, which they can redeem on their next purchases from the online retailer.

Postmates customers will receive $5 off for every $25 or more they spend on food, drinks or grocery items if they use World and World Elite cards.

Both Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders are also entitled to cellphone insurance, which some Visa Signature already enjoy. This benefit will reimburse the losses the customers incurred if their smartphones are stolen. This coverage also applies to damages such as screen scratches. Cardholders must pay their phone bills using their card to qualify for the protection.

Cardholders of these elite cards will also have access to enhanced identity theft protection that covers their Social Security number, credit cards, debit cards, web logins, emails, bank accounts, and many others. The benefit also includes credit bureau monitoring and account takeover monitoring, Ajmal said.