Medicare-for-All Debates Ensue, Highlight of 2020 Elections

In a time where health concerns continue to rise, more and more Americans have been seeking a more accessible and affordable healthcare plan. In light of these concerns, the Medicare-for-All initiative was brought forward by Senator Bernie Sanders.

How Medicare-for-All Works

According to Lorie Konish of CNBC, the Medicare-for-All Bill is the latest offshoot of accessible healthcare. As a matter of fact, this is only the latest solution offered to the public as a means of replacing the Affordable Care Act. This program aims to provide more Americans and more individuals access to healthcare. In addition, this initiative strives to reduce individuals’ out of pocket pay, while also lessening the weight carried by the medical industry and insurance providers in the country.

Under this, private insurance plans will be abolished while taxes will be increased.

CNBC reports that under this proposed bill, the system of healthcare in the United States would be patterned after Canada. Doing this allows patients access to immediate medical attention without having to pay out of pocket fees.

What Both Sides are Saying

Political parties in the United States remain divided over the issue. On the one hand, Republicans are trying to tone down issues stating they won’t aid in the protection of American’s health by telling the public how Democrats have divided opinions on the issue.

Other the other hand, despite the delay of holding a hearing, Democrats are still hoping to publish the bill towards legislation. A new version is slated to be submitted within a few weeks, care of Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Tami Luhby of CNN reports.