Ollie Bargain Outlet On Its Way to Opening 950 Stores in the US

America’s discount retailer Ollie Bargain Outlet is adding more stores across the country, CEO Mark Butler confirmed after the opening of three Tennessee stores last April 10.

The 950 brick and mortar goal will be expanded in 25 states in the country. To date, there are 318 stores operating, with the addition of four more.

Butler said in an interview with Mad Money that they are eyeing new establishments in the Oklahoma and Massachusetts as ‘brick and mortar isn’t dead.’

“Ollie is thriving. Our shopping experience, it’s absolutely un-duplicable online. It just ain’t gonna happen,” added Butler.

Despite the bankruptcy of other retailers, Ollie Bargain Outlet continues to rise. In fact, it’s loyalty program, Ollie’s Army, reached more than 9 million members.

Butler also said Ollie’s has occupied the spots of Toys R Us, buying dozens of spots and leasing some locations to fight bankruptcy. It can be recalled that Toys R Us are closing more than 800 stores, after filing bankruptcy protection in the latter part of 2017.

Ollie Bargain Outlet plans to dominate and capitalize the toy business saying that more manufacturers were coming and introducing new products.

“We have every intention not only to meet what we did in toys last year, which was sensational, but to beat it and the way we’re gonna beat it is by increasing our width by our breadth, not necessarily our depth, and make more toy offerings available to the customer,” claimed Butler.

In an article published by Yahoo, it is said that store sales of the company actually rose to 5.4 per cent by the end of the fourth quarter.

More than toys, the company is also partnering with Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation to help at-risk youth discover life lessons through baseball.