Trump Gov’t to Repeal ACA, Millions to be Left Uninsured

The US government spearheaded by President Donald Trump moves to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the Obama Administration, says USA Today. If this move succeeds, analysts say that at least 19.9 million Americans could lose their health insurance.

Also known as Obamacare, the ACA resulted in a remarkable decrease in the country’s number of uninsured individuals. Moreover, it guaranteed that households with low incomes will have insurance coverage. It has also faced several courts and congress challenges in the past.

As an alternative to Obamacare, Trump and the Republican Party plans to enact a ‘pro-life’ and ‘less costly coverage,’ reports Life Site News. Meanwhile, Trump says that this planned health insurance reform will establish the Republican Party as a ‘party of health care.’

Federal judge: ACA is unconstitutional

The court challenge banks on a ruling made by US District Court Judge Reed O’Connor that the ACA is unconstitutional back in December 2018. This statement is in agreement with 20 Republican governments and legislatures that questions the constitutionality of the act. In line with this, the Justice Department announced that it would not side with Obamacare’s mandate, but emphasizes that the act should not be entirely cut down.

UN: Obamacare repeal could violate international treaties

Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned back in April 2017 that repealing this law may have some repercussions as far as international treaties are concerned. According to Dainius Puras of the UN, this move will violate the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as it seeks to guarantee the right to have access to health facilities, goods and services without discrimination.

Moreover, even the gradual repeal of ACA will result in an increase in the number of uninsured Americans up to 29.8 million, amounting to a total of 58.7 million without insurance.