Nationwide Rewarding Commission-free Allowance To Use Abroad For Every Pound Spent On The Nationwide Credit Card

Customers of Nationwide Building Society will be happy to know that the bank allows commission-free purchases abroad for its The Nationwide Credit Card. This allowance gives clients a chance to make transactions for shopping and other out-of-the-country spendings without charges.

Clients can earn commission-free purchases from GBP 0 to GBP 1,400 for pound Sterling purchases from GBP 0 to GBP 1,400. Any transactions made using other currencies will be converted to pound Sterling at a wholesale rate. According to Nationwide, rewards earned can only be spent on purchases made using foreign currencies.

However, current customers and prospective clients are reminded that this allowance only applies to purchases in pounds Sterling and not to balance transfers, cash transfers, and payment protection insurance premiums. Moreover, expenditure beyond the allowance will be charged with a 2% fee. To know, how much commission-free balance they have, customers can check their credit card statement via online or phone call.

According to the bank’s website, customers who sent their items for refunds will be given the full price back, but are reminded that the commission-free allowance they earned will be deducted from their accounts.

The bank is also glad to inform customers that it is offering a variable annual percentage rate of 17.9% to 19.9%, which will be based on the client’s situation. New clients are given a maximum of 56 interest-free days once they fully pay the total balances by the deadline. Customers do not have to worry about annual and over-limit fees (with a credit limit of GBP 500 minimum) but should be aware of late payment fees (GBP 12).

Interested parties can apply for The Nationwide Credit Card through the bank’s website. New applicants are encouraged to take note that Nationwide credit cards are only available to members or customers who have a current, mortgage or savings account with the bank.

Other eligibility criteria include being 18 years of age or older, being a UK resident and having a gross annual income of over GBP 5,000. Qualified applicants should also be presently financially stable and not bankrupt, not in an Individual Voluntary Agreement or without any County Court Judgements.