United Nations Calls to Invest in Culture for Global Solidarity

In the midst of the pandemic where nations are fighting for survival, the United Nations calls to invest in culture and bring countries to solidarity.

With an emphasis on arts, music, and culture, the intergovernmental organization sees the importance of bringing together societies to protect human rights. As United Nations Day was celebrated, Secretary Antonio Guterres said people should pay attention to the culture around the world.

“We need to invest in culture, and to protect cultural rights just as we protect all other human rights. I hope today’s concert will inspire us toward the global solidarity that is needed so urgently at this unprecedented time,” added Guterres.

United Nations to Invest in Culture for Global Solidarity

The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive damages to all countries, where people overlook the importance of culture and identity. UN urges leaders to reimagine the future and not get contained by the abrupt changes brought about by the pandemic.

By acting together to prevent climate catastrophe and paving the way for a safer, sustainable world, respecting other people’s cultures, the world can become a better place.

In the words of Guterres, “We have the blueprint. We have the values of our charter. Let us be inspired by today’s display of culture to work together for a better future.”

Push for Global Ceasefire

The United Nations also want to take this difficult time to push for peace and achieve a global ceasefire in order to unite and beat the enemy, which is the COVID-19.

The organization calls on people to build progressive collaborations with other countries, and make remarkable connections for accessible, safe, and affordable vaccines for all. In addition, leaders and diplomats must also serve not just their constituents, but neighboring regions as well.

India ambassador Abhay Kumar said diplomats must embark on their roles in serving different geographies and navigate diverse cultures, by posting messages and videos. The ambassador urge diplomats to use hashtags #InternationalDiplomatsDay and #ServingPeopleGlobally.