Zimbabwe Secures Nature-Based Tourism Investments

The 3-day Wildlife Economy Summit in Zimbabwe ended last June 25 with closed deals committed to securing the protection of the wildlife in Africa and its local communities.

The African Union and UN Environment Africa Wildlife Economy Summit were attended by presidents of 12 African countries, including Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. This new investment targets and attracts more tourists to national parks and the Space for Giants in Uganda, which requires $60 million in investment to build.

According to the UN Environment, the aim of the summit is to gather leaders of African countries and private companies to finance conservation-compatible investments. This will ‘deliver sustainable economic and ecological benefits to countries, people and the environment.”

In other news, Gabon and Zimbabwe are also launching Conservation Investment Forums in 2020, gathering 450 delegates to work on the scope investments and business processes.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Ministry of Environment said, “We’ll be starting as soon as possible, aiming to bring the right kind of investment into Zimbabwe, into the tourism space but also into public-private partnerships and public-private-community partnership as well.”

Nature-based investments will give Gabon’s economy to rise, provided that it receives the right kind of support from its government. The initiative to build more environment-driven investments will not only help the Earth but also drive more funds for the country.

In addition to this, the right areas and countries can get equal tourism opportunities that will help them grow. Sustainability measures can also bring out more jobs for the people, more revenue for local businesses and more income for the people.

Increased awareness of wildlife and ecosystems can also be expected from these new investments, driving change and improvement to protect nature.

People will also find interest in the rainforest, wildlife, and nature itself.